Build Your Own Drone!


Build Your Own Drone

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This class will cover everything from the Rules and Regulations of drones, to the construction, tuning and piloting of a drone.  The class is adapted from the original (3) day course from TxRx Labs. By the end of the class you will have built a functioning drone and had your first lesson .  After that, just find a quiet, open space away from anyone else and practice, practice, practice!

What you will need to buy before class:

The full kit from Amazon:   Qwinout DIY Full Quadcopter Kit  – $165.35


The individual parts (BOM) plus any (6) Channel Transmitter AND Receiver and a battery of your choice!

Cost: $50

Limit: 6 people

Instructor: John Stevenson

John Stevenson is our resident expert on flying machines and remote control devices of all kinds.