Upcoming Class – Build Your Own Drone!

On Saturday June 23 from 9am-2pm, we will help you build your own drone from scratch!

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This class will cover everything from the Rules and Regulations of drones, to the construction, tuning and piloting of a drone.  The class is adapted from the original (3) day course from TxRx Labs. By the end of the class you will have built a functioning drone and had your first lesson .  After that, just find a quiet, open space away from anyone else and practice, practice, practice!

And as always, member tuition is 50% off!

What you will need to buy before class:

The full kit from Amazon:   Qwinout DIY Full Quadcopter Kit  – $165.35


The individual parts (BOM) plus any (6) Channel Transmitter AND Receiver and a battery of your choice!

Cost: $50

Limit: 6 people

Instructor: John Stevenson

John Stevenson is our resident expert on flying machines and remote control devices of all kinds.

Visiting with Librarians

Creatorspace hosted a booth at the “Setting the Trend, Librarians as Leaders” conference last Thursday, June 7, 2018 at Clear Falls High School. An amazing opportunity to talk with school librarians about makerspaces in the schools!

Upcoming Class: Intro to Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is the best selling computer in the world and one of the workhouses of the Maker movement. This small, inexpensive single board computer is capable of running Linux and controlling sensors and motors with its onboard I/O pins.

This beginners, hands-on class will teach the basics of setting up a Raspberry Pi, how to interface the Pi to various sensors and external devices, and explore the uses of the Raspberry Pi.

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Galveston Daily News article

Creatorspace was on the front page of the Galveston Daily News on Sunday with an article all about the Space one year after moving in. The article is (unfortunately) behind a paywall, but here are some photos:

Hackaday at Creatorspace


Hackaday (Yes, Hackaday!!) author Al Williams will be visiting Creatorspace!

Come by at 7pm Tuesday (Feb 27) to hear Al talk about how to get your project published on Hackaday, hear about his many projects, and ask questions. Can’t wait!

Brief Bio: Al Williams is the author of many hardware and software books, a long time editor and columnist for Dr. Dobb’s Journal, and is currently a staff writer for Hackaday. Al’s done a lot of different things in the electronics and computer space from taking apart microprocessors, to designing systems that go underwater and to outer space, to building 3D printers. A long-time ham radio operator (WD5GNR), Al enjoys working with FPGAs and developing software in many languages. Al holds two US patents and was an engineer on two US space stations. When Al isn’t hacking something, he’s probably sleeping.


Soldering Class canceled

The Basic Soldering Class scheduled for this Saturday, February 17, is canceled/postponed due to the flu.

There is still time to to register for the Linux Class on the following Saturday, the 24th, and the Still Life Art Class on March 3.

Registering and paying for classes will now go through the website Events Calendar. Follow the links and hit “Add to Cart”

We will soon be adding two more classes in March. Machine Tools 101, and Building a Bench Power Supply from a PC/ATX Power Supply.