General info

Creatorspace is a non-profit (501(3)c) makerspace in the Clear Lake area of Houston, TX.  Our current workshop is in the historic downtown area of League City, TX.

Our purpose is to promote skill-building in the technical, artistic, and scientific areas.  We do this through sharing knowledge and ideas, working on different projects, and teaching classes.


Contact us

Mailing & physical address:

120 Park Avenue
League City, TX 77573

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Phone:  713-396-0440

Email:  info@creatorspace.org

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Coming soon: a brief history of Creatorspace.

Board of directors

President:  Scott Milligan

Vice President:  David Overland

Treasurer:  Kevin Vogtman

Secretary:  David Overland (Interim)

At-Large Directors:  Mike Chrismer, Kevin Vogtmann, Bryan Murphy, Jared Williams, Jason Follis, Kerry Newman