Arduino and Raspberry Pi Books to check out!

David and Paul Bradt are friends of the Creatorspace. They have visited several times to our open house events. David Bradt works on the Safety and Mission Assurance Contract with Fitz Walker and myself. Him and his son Paul have written several books on Arduino projects that you guys may be interested in. Here is his write up about them:


If you are interested in some unique project ideas and novel uses for Arduinos and the Raspberry Pi, check out these books.  There are two that provide the young scientist with ideas for school science fair projects in heat transfer, force/motion and they can provide great references for the report too.  If you are interested in electronics and model railroading there are two books that provide great basic idea projects using the Arduino to control and animate models.  For any one interested in bringing that old telescope back to life check out the book that shows how to convert it into a modern photographic machine using the Raspberry Pi and its camera.  Finally, for someone who needs to determine the root cause of a problem at work or even at home this last book describes the root cause approach and how an Arduino with all of the compatible sensors may be the solution.

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