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Things you can do on

1. Join Creatorspace! – There is a link to join up at the top menu. Information regarding dues will be listed there

2. Donate to Creatorspace! – There is a donation link on the right side bar as well as on the membership pages under the top site menu

3. Events Calendar – We have a small calendar on the sidebar, as well as the full calendar linked under the top site menu above. We will try to have all maker events and other things we think you should know about posted there. If you have any recommendations, let us know!

4. Classes! Want to learn something new? We offer classes on many things. Programming, blacksmithing, Raspberry Pi, Laser Cutting, etc. All the classes we teach will be posted on We will update them in the events calendar.

5. Got Questions? Head over to the contact page and send us your questions.

If you have any questions about where something is, or if you have suggestions to the site, please contact us. All contact info is listed on the contact page above.