Upcoming Class: Intro to Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is the best selling computer in the world and one of the workhouses of the Maker movement. This small, inexpensive single board computer is capable of running Linux and controlling sensors and motors with its onboard I/O pins.

This beginners, hands-on class will teach the basics of setting up a Raspberry Pi, how to interface the Pi to various sensors and external devices, and explore the uses of the Raspberry Pi.

In order to take the class, you do not need to buy the kit if you bring your own Raspberry Pi, power supply and SD card. Otherwise, we are offering a kit which includes the newest Model 3 B+, a power supply, SD card, HDMI cable, and case.

We are providing monitors, keyboards and mice for the class. You are strongly encouraged to bring your own laptop, but we will have computers available if you can’t.

Links to register for the class are in the Upcoming Classes section of the website. If you do want the kit, be sure to scroll down during checkout to add the Raspberry Pi kit to your registration.

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